Visiting the dentist when you experience a dental emergency shouldn’t be the only time you go. Regular appointments are crucial.

Poor oral health contributes to serious health risks, including gum disease, tooth decay, and illness in others parts of the body. Routine dental checkups help keep your teeth, mouth, and gums healthy, decreasing the risk of developing dental diseases.

Many people have reservations about going to the dentist, especially if they’ve never stepped foot in the clinic before. Finding a safe, reputable, and fully equipped facility to handle all sorts of procedures will help ease any anxiety you may have and make visits go much smoother.

Whether you’re new to the area or simply have not found the time to find a suitable clinic, below are a few tips to help you choose the right West Kelowna dentist and clinic for you.

Check Their Experience

dentist speaking with a patient about the details of his upcoming procedure

Having trust in your dentist and their abilities is essential, as you’ll feel much better about them working on your teeth when they’ve been in the industry for years.

Dentists who have practiced longer have seen many cases and may be more prepared to treat abnormal cases. It’s important to note, however, that younger dentists also know what they’re doing and may have more efficient and innovative approaches to certain procedures.

Checking education is just as crucial as experience, as many dentists specialize in certain areas such as implantology, endodontics, and maxillofacial surgery. If you have a specific dental issue, searching for a professional who has specialized in that area can be incredibly beneficial.

Effective Communication Style

Each person has their preferred communication style, whether that means you’d rather know only the necessary information or learn every detail.

A great way to get a feel for the clinic is by calling the front desk and having a conversation with the staff, and if possible, the dentist. Inform the dentist about your preferred communication style and let them know if certain things make you uncomfortable.

This way, the dentist you’re working with will know how to make sure you feel the most comfortable when you’re visiting the clinic for appointments or procedures.

A Wide Range of Dental Services

a dental patient and dental assistant talking about upcoming dental treatments at the front desk

Choosing a dental clinic only to find it doesn’t offer the services you need can be incredibly frustrating.

When doing your research about the different dental clinics around you, it’s wise to check and see if they offer both cosmetic and general dentistry, in addition to an in-house lab or at least one nearby.

This will help speed up the process of receiving a crown or other prosthetics you might need.

Your Trustworthy West Kelowna Dentist

The last thing anyone wants is to travel halfway across the city only to find that their dentist doesn’t offer the treatment they need.

At Westside Dental, we’re proud to offer our patients a wide variety of dental services. From dentures and implants to crowns and cosmetic dentistry, we’ve got you covered. Our team works hard to provide a comfortable and inviting environment the second you step through our doors.

Reach out to us to learn more about our dentistry services and book your appointment today.