Dentures are a great option for those looking to return their full smile. Every patient’s needs and goals are different, which is why our experts consult with you to build a denture plan that meets your goals. Get in touch with our West Kelowna Dental Office to plan a consultation and start walking your path to a beautiful, healthy smile!

What Westside Dental Denture Clinic Offers

Dentures are, of course, something you don’t take lightly. Neither do we. At Westside Dental, we want to be your partner in putting together a plan of action that works best for you, now and going forward. Depending on your unique situation, we’ll assess your denture needs and go over options with you for specific denture plans. Let’s talk about what some of those options would be, and the advantages and disadvantages to each.

Why a Partial Denture?

When several teeth are missing, we may recommend a partial denture for replacing them. Partials can prevent a wide array of dental problems, including shifting teeth, difficulty keeping teeth free of plaque and bacteria, problems with chewing and eating, grinding and clenching, and problems with the jaw joints. Partials are an affordable means of replacing missing teeth. They can be made the same day as on the checkup, and are a relatively simple procedure as there’s no surgery involved.

Alternatives to Partial Dentures

When you’re missing teeth, you have several choices for replacing them. You can choose a bridge, an implant-supported crown or bridge, or a removable partial denture. The costs to these alternatives can vary. When it comes to costs, an important factor to consider is not only what the up-front price is, but what you may encounter down the road. We want you to be fully aware of the pros and cons of everything involved in the process. That’s why we recommend coming in to our office for a consultation, so that we can answer all your questions.

Alternatives to Full Dentures

If you’re missing most or all of your upper or lower teeth, you have several choices for replacing them. Depending on your situation, we can create a conventional denture or an overdenture, or we can place implants and use them to secure a full denture or other restorations. Dental implants are an option that we’d be happy to go over with you. Implants tend to be more expensive up-front, but can be a better value over the course of time. We invite you to our office so that we can sit and discuss all your options, then establish the best plan of care for you.