Your smile is one of your defining features and something you need to work hard and invest in to protect. Our expert hygienists apply their expertise and experience work to keep your smile shining bright into the future.

West Kelowna's Trusted Dental Hygiene Experts

Westside Dental wants to be your trusted West Kelowna dentist in proactive dental hygiene. We are staunch proponents of a holistic approach to oral health and hygiene. This means that what takes place at our Westbank dental office is only the beginning. We work with our patients to formulate a strategic plan for your everyday dental health. It’s about brushing and flossing of course, but also so much more.

Proactive Approach for Oral Health

Good oral health promotes good health not just for your teeth, but for your body and mind as well. The interdependent relationship between these two is something we’re focused on and want you to prioritize as well. It’s important to be conscientious of lifestyle choices such as what you eat and drink, how you protect your teeth and gums at night, while playing sports, etc. This is beneficial for your body’s internal health, your emotional wellness, and of course your dental health. While many people come to our West Kelowna dental centre with the sole purpose of taking care of their teeth, we encourage a proactive, strategic approach for overall health and well-being.

Expert Dental Hygiene & Teeth Cleaning

Effective dental hygiene is best practiced and achieved through prevention. Instead of reacting to dental matters that arise along the way, Westside Dental always recommends a preventative course of action. By managing and mitigating the factors that can contribute to dental disease and oral deterioration you avoid the need for dentures, implants or other invasive procedures. These strategies help prevent the occurrence of disease and enable you to maintain good dental health – thus promoting better overall health and well-being.

Westside Dental Clinic's Professional Staff

Dental hygiene is about more than just cleaning your teeth, though of course we do that as well. Our hygienists are some of the best trained and experienced in West Kelowna for teeth cleaning, gum treatment, X-rays, preliminary exams, patient charting and more – all in an environment of care and comfort. One of our Westside Dental hygienists would be more than happy to sit with you at our Westbank dental office and discuss the right course of action, putting together the best plan for your ongoing dental hygiene and oral care.