It is never too late to achieve that radiant smile you have always dreamed of. Our teeth-whitening procedure deleivers quality results, removing coffee, tobacco and other stains you have built up over the years.

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Teeth whitening is an effective solution for restoring that lustrous smile. Over the course of several years, teeth can lose their bright shine due to the use of tobacco, drinking coffee or other dark-coloured liquids, or simply improper care or neglect. Tooth whitening helps to remove stains and discoloration. Whitening is one of the most popular cosmetic dental procedures in West Kelowna as it can vastly improve how your teeth look.

Who Is Whitening For?

Whitening is not a catch-all solution. We recommend its use in tandem with an overall strategy that addresses the ongoing maintenance of proper oral health. Cavities need to be treated before teeth are whitened, because the whitening solution can pass through decayed areas and reach the inner parts of the tooth. If your gums have receded, the exposed roots of your teeth may be discolored, and whitening will not help this. If you have tooth decay or receding gums, whitening may make your teeth sensitive. Whitening also does not work on ceramic or porcelain crowns or veneers.

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I've been a patient for the past 6 years and love this dentist. Always professional, friendly and always make me comfortable. I'd highly recommend this office.

- Joel Mcgarvie

I took my four-year-old and one-year-old to Westside Dental Centre this week for their first visit ever. The staff were so friendly and welcoming. My son thoroughly enjoyed watching Paw

- Brittany Campbell

Even though I went in for a filling, the whole experience was actually quite pleasant. Great staff and highly professional service - recommend this place without any reservations whatsoever.

- Kerry Rouck

Expert Teeth Whitening Procedure

The outer layer of a tooth is called the enamel. Having smoother or rougher enamel also affects the reflection of light and therefore the color. The simplest whitening procedures we offer in Westbank entails a process of bleaching. Rest assured, we protect your gums by placing rubber shield or gel on first. The active ingredient is usually hydrogen peroxide or a similar substance; this allows oxygen to get into the enamel of the teeth, lightening their tone and shade of colour. Whitening doesn’t give a “totally white” look to teeth – it’s not a complete colour change, but rather lightens the existing shade of the teeth.

“Why can’t I just buy that ‘whitening’ stuff from the drugstore?”

That’s a question we hear quite often from curious patients. And why not? We all want to save money – when it’s feasible and prudent. Unfortunately, when it comes to the cheaper solutions available on the retail market, we must recommend against their use, as they can cause harm to the gums and teeth. Instead, we encourage you to speak with us about whitening treatments at Westside Dental Centre. We provide safer options, which are more effective and, in the long run, will deliver a greater value.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any side effects to teeth whitening?

Teeth whitening procedures can cause increased tooth sensitivity for a short period after the treatment. This sensitivity usually goes away after 1 to 3 days. We consult with our patients before starting the whitening treatment in order to customize the treatment to reduce or eliminate sensitivity issues. We would also advise using a desensitizing toothpaste like Sensodyne for two weeks leading up to the treatment, and for a week afterwards.

How long does teeth whitening last?

Professional teeth whitening can last for 6 months to a year provided the patient has good oral health practices. As the effects of whitening begin to fade, the patient can perform maintenance using an at home whitening kit.

Children need to have dental x-rays taken more frequently since their smiles are in a constant state of change as they lose their baby teeth and their adult teeth start to grow in. A child with good oral health and no history of cavities or other risk factors for dental disease should have X-rays taken every 12 to 24 months. Children who are at high risk for dental disease need to have X-rays taken more frequently, every 6 to 12 months.

How often do I need to get teeth whitening?

Professional teeth whitening is an entirely elective procedure. As such, there is no specific need to have it done regularly. To maintain your whitest smile, getting teeth whitening done at the clinic once per year, and performing maintenance with an at home kit 1 to 3 times per year is the best course of action. It is not recommended to get whitening done at the clinic more frequently than once per year as too much contact with the bleaching agent can cause longer lasting tooth sensitivity and damage the gums.

Our use for these cameras doesn’t end there. When discussing things like Invisalign, for example, we can show patients where the biggest problem spots are in their smile, and give them a more interactive demonstration of what the treatment will do.

How long does teeth whitening take?

On average, teeth whitening procedures take roughly 90 minutes. Depending on how many shades you're looking to whiten your smile by, it can vary the length of your procedure.

Can teeth whitening damage your teeth?

No. There is a common misconception that teeth whitening damages the enamel. Teeth whitening procedures do not damage the enamel. The products in teeth whitening procedures are formulated in a way to only remove stains from the enamel, that brushing your teeth can’t clean.

Should I get my teeth cleaned before or after teeth whitening?

If you are overdue for a routine cleaning, we suggest that you schedule an appointment just before getting your teeth whitened. Teeth whitening works best on clean teeth that are free of tartar and plaque.

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