Dental crowns can be used to help protect a cracked tooth from worsening.

However, some teeth may need to be extracted for several reasons, such as infection, decay or trauma.

If you are exploring the idea of getting a crown versus having a tooth removed in Kelowna or nearby communities, there are some important factors you should consider. 

Tooth Extraction vs Dental Crown

animation of dental crowns

If you are toying the idea of getting a dental crown, you should book an appointment to discuss the situation with your trusted dentist.

Depending on the severity of your diagnosis, a dental health professional will advise which procedure would be best for you.

If, for instance, you were to have a serious crack affecting the root of the tooth, tooth removal may be your only option. 

Tooth Extraction – Merits & Concerns

Tooth extraction is a dental procedure that involves the removal of the tooth, and is typically the last resort when it comes to solutions.

An extraction would serve as a treatment for extremely fractured, decayed or diseased teeth, when restoration may not be possible.

At the end of the day, you want to keep as many natural teeth as you can, so teeth that are savable should not be removed. 

Dental Crowns – Caps Rather Than Removal

manufacture of dental crownsAlso known as tooth crowns, these caps fit over damaged teeth, restoring their size, look and functionality.

Although we offer dental implants at our clinic in Kelowna, in many cases a dental crown is just right for the patient. 

These appliances can help you regain confidence while restoring your smile, making eating more comfortable and reducing dental pain.

Our dentists will ensure your capped teeth feel and look just like natural teeth. 

Types of Dental Crowns

The cost of your appliance will depend on materials, procedures and personal needs.

The main types include gold crowns, porcelain crowns, zirconia crowns and E-MAX crowns, also known as Lithium Disilicate crowns. 

before and after image of dental crownsOur specialists in Kelowna will help you decide on the type of crown that suits you best, but remember not to base your decision solely on price. A dental crown is a long-lasting treatment, so you want it done in the most skilful and professional way. 

Be sure to weigh in all factors before making a decision, as the cheapest type of crown may turn into more money, more discomfort and more pain in the long run. Our friendly staff and professional manner, as well as our procedures and materials are worth the extra financial investment. 

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