We’re always happy to answer questions about the various services and treatments available at Westside Dental Centre. Since you’re perusing our site, why not have a look at some of the videos below, to get a better idea of what’s involved in each process. You may find this helpful as you continue through the process of gathering information. Once you’re ready, we encourage you to get in touch and set up an appointment. That way we can get started on charting your journey to oral health.


Full Mouth Denture Options

Partial Denture Options


What is an Implant?

Implant Bridge Procedure

Orthodontics using Invisalign

Technologies in Dentistry: Invisalign

Invisalign Adult Procedure

Cosmetic Dentistry

Before and After: Beautiful Smiles Closeups

Before and After: Closing Up Spaces

Crown and Bridge

Science in Dentistry: What is a Crown?

Why a Bridge?

3d X-rays Intra Oral Cameras

The Advantages of Cone Beam X-rays

What is an Intraoral Camera?


Technologies in Dentistry: Power Whitening

Hygiene Services

Professional Care and Hygienists

Homecare and Perio Involvement

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