A question we are frequently asked here at Westside Dental clinic in West Kelowna has to do with the difference between a dentist and a denturist.

Whether you’re a patient here or at another dental clinic in Kelowna or around the Okanagan, you already have a pretty good grasp of what a dentist does.

But who is this mysterious denturist? What do denturists do? What makes a denturist uniquely qualified in the field of dentures? And what advantage does Westside Dental bring with a denturist on staff?

That’s what we’ll cover in this edition of our West Kelowna dental blog.

Defining and Understanding Who Denturists Are

mature woman with denturesDenturists specialize in the practice of making artificial appliances to replace teeth, and in fitting these as customized dentures to our patients.

Denturists play a key role in the oral health field, as they regularly work in concert with general dentists and other members of the oral health practitioner community.

Denturists are more knowledgeable in dentures than general dentists, as they have gone through more comprehensive study in oral prosthetics.

Often times, denturists work independently in their own dental clinics. But here at Westside Dental in West Kelowna, BC, we have denturists and denture specialists on staff. That means you won’t have to leave the comfort and familiarity of your dental clinic, and can get the comprehensive care you need for dentures and overall oral health right here.

What are Denturists Qualified for?

man getting denture checkup

Denturists in Canada, and therefore denturists in Kelowna, are certified to carry out a wide array of oral health tasks.

These duties of denturists include those such as:

  • performing visual and digital oral examinations with regard to dentures
  • constructing removable dentures for patients
  • treating bruxism and sleep apnea (along with your dentist)
  • prescribing radiography

… and many others. Denturists have studied a variety of aspects of dentistry and oral health, and their scope goes beyond denture appliances to cover a comprehensive oral health knowledge.

History of Dentures

mature woman getting denturesDid you know that dentures and dental appliances have prevailed throughout the course of history?

Archeological findings dating back to 1500 B.C. revealed that Egyptians used to thread real teeth with gold wires to create “false teeth.” However, they were not the only civilization using fake teeth. Evidence also proved that the Etruscans developed dentures out of animal teeth in 700 B.C.

The first complete set of dentures was constructed in the 16th Century Japan. Over time, people became more aware and concerned about dental decay and tooth loss.

In the 1850s, Claudius Ash, a renowned goldsmith and silversmith, created Vulcanite, a hardened rubber that seated porcelain teeth.

As you can see, the role of denturist in the field of oral health is a time-honoured one.

Reasons to Get Dentures Done

Many people wonder whether it’s time for them to be getting dentures in Kelowna.

Although they usually know the answer, there are sometimes legitimate concerns – such as budget, pride, etc. However, getting dental prosthetics means investing in peace of mind and well-being.

kelowna dental clinicPut it this way: Dentures are a small price to pay for renewed confidence in smiling, chewing and talking. Your denturist is your ally and champion in ensuring your ongoing oral health and confident smile

Dentures restore any social insecurity you may have been through.

In addition, dental prosthetics will replace the support on your face, once created by your natural teeth, preventing you from looking older.

On top of that, dentures will decrease the rate at which your oral bone structure disintegrates. Also, if you still have remaining natural teeth, dental appliances will help distribute chewing forces evenly to all teeth.

That’s why our denturists take pride in being able to help people get dentures and restore confidence in their smile.

When you get dentures at our West Kelowna dental clinic, we create natural-looking full and partial dentures which are easy to remove and clean. Depending on your unique situation, we will advise what suits your needs best.

Getting Dentures in Kelowna

A qualified denturist can craft the most complex of dental prosthetics, including partial dentures, implants and other customized pieces.

Your West Kelowna denturist will use advanced materials and better in-house technology to construct a highly-refined appliance, more comfortable and attractive than a basic one.

In addition, denturists are able to perform timely emergency repairs and replacement when required. That’s one of the big offerings we take pride in here at our West Kelowna dental clinic.

Our West Kelowna denturists, dentists and oral health team also encourage prevention, as this is the key to long-lasting dentures and better overall oral health. Your Kelowna denturist will also provide regular prosthetic check-ups at the clinic, in tandem with your ongoing dental treatments and oral hygiene program here at Westside Dental.

Got questions about dentures in Kelowna and around the Okanagan?  Contact us today for more information and to set up an appointment.